No one achieves success alone! Powerful executives understand the value of a support system that will catapult their careers to the top. They seek advice, bounce ideas, and trust their inner circle because they truly understand, as John C. Maxwell puts it, that "one is too small a number to achieve greatness."

Over the years there has been an immense interest in the coaching field, both in the personal space and the business environment. But what is all the excitement about? Why should you consider partnering with a coach? Coaching is not about providing advice, therapy, or counseling; but rather help you experience lasting change, improve your personal and professional life, and reach your goals by establishing a clear action plan.

"A coach is someone who can evoke passion and purpose in others" -Frederic Hudson

Coaching provides leaders from all walks of life the opportunity to develop capabilities faster than most training programs. It works because it offers a rare opportunity for an individual to receive one-on-one attention; based on a trusted relationship that focuses on generating positive change.

Change is inevitable! Transition is inevitable! And even though we acknowledge this fact, we are naturally resistant to change. It is for this reason that we need coaches - to help guide us through successful transitions, identify available options to us, transform our lives, and assist navigate our careers among other benefits. Personal growth, facilitate transitions, and addressing derailing behaviors are just a few of the areas a coach can help with.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most powerful support systems to help you move in the direction you want. It is about helping people get from where they are in life to where they want to get to. Coaches help you move closer to what you imagine being. This is possible due to a relationship based on trust and mutual respect between the coach and the individual.

Grounded on a collaborative process, the coach supports and empowers the individual to clarify goals, examine possibilities, and maintain the course.

In summary, coaches can help and guide in the following areas to name a few:
  • Balance our strenghts and weaknesses
  • Avoid our blind spots
  • Facilitate developmental growth
  • Facilitate change
  • Build leadership capabilities
  • Play the role of a sounding board
  • Formulate improvement goals
  • Establish specific goals and action plans
  • Handle conflict and deal with difficult situations
  • Manage priorities
  • Develop a new mindset
  • Develop a personal and professional vision
  • Identify and act on critical challenges
  • Improve communication skills
  • Confront your fears
Coaching is an essential tool in your personal and professional journey. Almost everyone knows what to do in life to become successful; however, most of us don't do what we know.

Types of Coaching

There are different types of coaches available to help you enjoy and get the most out of life's journey. You can leverage one or more of these coaching areas based on your goals.
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Life / Personal Coaching
  • Career Coaching / Career Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Succession Coaching
  • Communication / Presentation Coaching
  • Skills Coaching
  • Transition Coaching
  • NLP Coaching
  • Student Coaching

What to Expect

You must want to be coached for the process to work. It is imperative that you understand the process in which you are about to embark on in order to reap the benefits. Coaching is not a quick-fix, the coach cannot do the work for you, and it is not an event but rather a process. Collaboration and lasting change should be a priority placed on both the coach and the client. It is also imperative that the fit between you, your coach, and the coaching approach is the correct one for your learning comfort and success.

You should expect the following from a coaching session and your coach:
  • Challenges on your point of view, old beliefs and values
  • Open and honest assessments
  • Constructive feedback
  • Different perspectives
  • Willingness to change
  • Be open-minded
  • Asking the right questions and listening
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to try new approaches
  • Accountability
  • Taking reasonable risks


At Exeqpath we truly believe that selecting the right coach is critical to achieving your goals and fulfilling the expectations of the coach/client relationship. We understand that "one size does not fit all" and therefore will work with you to identify a coach amongst our staff that meets your needs or will be happy to refer you to one of our trusted partners and their coaching services. We typically offer a minimum of six sessions (one hour each). Before you commit we start with an introductory session to discuss your goals and what you expect to get out of the coaching relationship... we can take it from there.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about our coaching services.