Executive Basecamp

Reaching the executive suite does not happen overnight. There are many stages, challenges, and unexpected changes in a person's career that can and will impact progress. A variety of tools, the right assignments, numerous individual connections, and other unforeseen factors will have different impacts in your ascend to the top at different stages of your corporate climb. The key is to remain focused and continue to visualize the established goals.

Mount Everest climbers leverage "basecamps" to rest, acclimatize, retool, asses their strengths, and debrief on mistakes and successes. Similarly today's leaders need to establish "Executive Basecamps" to conduct regular checkpoints, sharpen their tools, select the right team, refocus, debrief, learn from their mistakes, and prepare for the next stage.

There are many climbers in the executive ladder and the competition is fierce. Come join us in our "Executive Basecamp" tent, we will be getting ready for the next stage of the climb to the top.


  • Adjust your executive style while maintaining your authentic leadership
  • Develop a career game plan
  • Select the tools and people that should take the journey with you
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Develop the right mindset for success
  • Learn to slow down for yellow signs