Talk Your Way Out - The Lead Role is Always a Speaking Part

Your ability to speak well and persuasively in any occasion can have an extraordinary impact on your life and career. Effective communicators will become today's elite. It is a fact that having a productive conversation or facilitating a great presentation can generate more money in one hour than an entire year of work.

Learn to master the art of conversation, public speaking, and effective and dynamic presentations. We will cover topics such as: avoiding common communication pitfalls, talking to anyone, getting the audience on your side, assertive body language, channeling fears positively, and receiving a standing ovation.

Become a story teller and an excellent conversationalist. WOW your audience not only with your material but also your delivery. No matter if you are facilitating a one-on-one conversation, a social event, a meeting, a sales presentation, or a public appearance you will certainly find the tips and techniques in this workshop useful to your career as an effective communicator.


  • Take advantage of the most important visual aid – yourself
  • Control your body language
  • Learn the art of listening, the art of talking and the art of conversation
  • Improve your communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Optimize the delivery of your material
  • Increase your communication comfort level
  • Positively channel communication related nerves and fears
  • Discuss useful tips and techniques