Non-linear Leadership

True leaders understand that leading others successfully requires a combination of numerous habits and principles that have endured the test of time. They acknowledge that there is a time to be a teacher and a time to be a student. A time to lead from the top and a time to lead from the bottom. A time to lead from the inside and a time to lead from the outside. And most importantly, a time to lead themselves exceptionally well.

Non-Linear leaders know how to navigate the following critical areas:
  • Company Politics
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Economic Landscape
  • Organizational Structure
  • Different Personalities
  • Hidden Agendas

The workshop is designed to help audience members gain tips and techniques to lead from any situation and position within an organization.


  • Develop a unique and authentic leadership style
  • Become the executive others chose to follow
  • Learn to lead others from different positions in the organization
  • Leverage your existing capabilities to become a better leader
  • Become aware of the factors around you that impact your ability to lead