Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

The ability to influence and persuade others and successfully resolve conflict is key to a successful career. As long as there is interaction between two or more individuals, there will be the need for a good negotiator to help reach a 'win-win' scenario. Our workshop has been designed to help the audience achieve a better understanding of the preparation required and the commonly used techniques and strategies that define a successful negotiator. The skills learned can be applied to personal and professional settings; from managing your team to closing that sales deal you have been working on.


  • Communicate persuasively and effectively
  • Handle difficult people and tough situations effectively
  • Improve the power of persuasion
  • Learn conflict management techniques
  • Handle conflict and confrontation
  • Influence others
  • Prevent conflict before it happens
  • Counteract common tactics used by difficult people
  • Develop emotional mastery
  • Defuse angry situations
  • Preparation: the pregame, the game, and the postgame
  • Reach a 'win-win' situation
  • Build a negotiating team
  • Anticipate questions