Management Communication

Poor communication is a leading cause of project delays, missed milestones, low employee morale, and significant lost of an organization's time and money. Project managers are usually trained in the art of budget planning, forecasting, resource management, and work planning – but are seldom educated in the art of communicating effectively. Good communicators can articulate the desired vision and direction, leading to successful teams that are usually tasked with the most important of projects. The workshop provides real-life techniques to deal with the necessary day-to-day communications required for any successful organization.


  • Deliver feedback and criticism
  • Provide clear team direction
  • Present your vision clearly
  • Manage and motivate people effectively
  • Enable productive conflict in teams
  • Facilitate meetings effectively
  • Ask the right questions
  • Learn to write headlines
  • Establish clear goals and objectives - and make them happen
  • Take charge immediately
  • Recognize hidden agendas and deal with them