Foundation of Management

Planning, delegating, making decisions, running effective meetings, and managing a team are just a few of the expected management responsibilities in today’s corporate world. Great management practices can be achieved in many different ways and styles; but they all revolve around a set of foundational skills that every great manager has mastered over the years.

Understanding corporate culture, navigating office politics, the ability to coach and mentor, solid financial literacy, employee management, and a strong communication style are paramount to the success of the management layer. Possessing the right “softskills”, motivating the team, and running a successful department requires an overall understanding of the business; not to mention the right amount of “people-skills” admired by others.


  • Navigate company culture and office politics
  • Learn basic skills managers must exercise
  • Appreciate the art of coaching and mentoring
  • Manage a diverse workforce
  • Understand different management styles
  • Leadership and communication techniques
  • Business-As-Usual (BAU): planning, organizing, and directing
  • Career development opportunities
  • Review management tips and traps
  • Establish a plan to become a better manager