Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling

Being a successful manager in today’s corporate world comes with many challenges, additional responsibilities, and extended pressures associated with the role. It is no secret that many aspiring managers cannot handle the view from this management corner office; and fail to recognize what’s holding them back. But is it really that difficult? Is there a hidden curriculum that we don’t know about?

The good news is that you can take steps to develop your managerial skills. If you are serious about becoming an exceptional individual in the corporate management layer you must learn to master The Four Functions of Managers: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. These four components are interlocked together and “A-Players” know how to adjust one without negatively impacting the others. The execution of business-as-usual operations, forecasting for the future, managing risks and alternative courses of action, setting the vision, coordinating the plan of attack, and getting people onboard requires many leadership skills – and all of them can be learned!


  • Set direction, vision, and goals
  • Coordinate resource utilization
  • Assess how you supervise, lead, motivate, train, and coach
  • Learn to synchronize company goals with action plans
  • Communicate, motivate, and inspire
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity
  • Evaluate results against goals
  • Forecast for the future
  • Create awareness of the environment and critical contingencies
  • Formulate plans and ensure effective execution
  • Coordinate relationships of responsibility and authority
  • Understand corrective courses of action, identify sources of deviation, measure progress, and leverage available tools