Values Driven Leadership

Values Driven Leadership is choosing to lead your life based on the core values you hold dear. These core values serve as the code of conduct that guides our live. It is based on integrity, excellence, respect, and trust. A way of making authentic decisions that builds the trust and commitment of employees as customers. More importantly, it is about being dissatisfied with the current reality and taking responsibility to make a difference while others make excuses.

This seminar is aimed to help develop your authentic compelling vision, hone your leadership values and behaviors, assess your growth needs, and practice servant leadership. Value driven leaders lead by example; developing a vision for your people, focusing on the correct attitude, empowering your team, inspiring others with key values, and adding value across the board.

Exeqpath has been approved and certified by the John C. Maxwell organization to deliver many of the Maxwell’s seminars, an expert in the leadership field. In addition, this particular workshop draws from the personal experiences of Fernando Rosario while training more than 20,000 participants in Guatemala jointly with John C. Maxwell during a government sponsored leadership event that trained numerous industries ranging from financial services, government, retail, healthcare, and private sectors.


  • Develop a vision for your team
  • Learn techniques to empower your people
  • Understand emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Assess your core values
  • Identify different and conflicting needs
  • Become a value driven leader