Being a Management Mentor

Is mentoring right for you? What benefits should I expect? Why would I want to be a mentor? These are just a few of the questions we all face during our careers. Surely you have provided advice to others at times; and without a doubt you are a trusted advisor to someone. But mentoring is a well-defined process that benefits both the mentor and mentee when approached correctly. Sure it takes time, commitment, and preparation – but the rewards associated with a successful relationship are countless.

Agreeing to be a mentor should not be taken lightly. Individuals will trust your advice based on your experience, role, responsibilities, and professional attitude. To a certain extent you will be accepting the responsibility to help them maximize their potential, develop their skills, and improve their performance.

The seminar focuses in helping the audience understand mentoring best practices, benefits of the relationship for the mentor and mentee, well-defined mentoring techniques, expectations and commitments, processes to follow, and resources available to you. Take the challenge to be a mentor and positively impact the life of others!


  • Mentoring best practices
  • Tips and techniques for a successful relationship
  • Processes to follow
  • Tools and resources
  • Benefits of the mentor / mentee relationship
  • Communication channels and frequency
  • Expectation setting
  • Making the most of the relationship